It's so sad when homeless dogs are too scared to trust humans. Luckily, they trust cheeseburgers!
Rescue in the L.A river sends us to help an unusual animal and kittens too!
A spaniel with a heart-shaped mark on his forehead gets no love and dumped by his owner.
Senior German Shepherd abandoned by his owners. I just don't understand this behavior :-(
Unique looking injured dog surrenders in exchange for a cheeseburger.
Homeless dog fights us even though he was badly injured!
We did it!!! ONE BILLION views of awareness on our Hope For Paws channel!
Family reunion - you won't believe how these puppies grew!
Spooky rescue - watch until the end... or else!
Operation Rescue Road: the Journey Begins
Abandoned Pug needs your help with finding a loving forever home.
Sick homeless family of kittens is rescued from life on the streets.