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The Elite Edge is a group of breeders worldwide, whose goal is to bring back the respect and admiration to America`s true breed. We are a group of breeders who initially bred Razors Edge bloodlines, and later incorporated other top lines into our programs. We are a group of Elite and respected breeders; and a family of people from all over the world, all races, all nationalities and all working together in unity to promote this breed in a positive light.

It is our goal to re-establish this breed as Americas breed. We strive to put the breed in the lime light, so that America and the world can see its true face; a face of honor, power, courage, strength, and most important loyalty. We are here to promote and protect the breed. We are the Face of Americas Breed. “The American Bully” Most important, we are you! Our world is your world. This is the world of “The American Bully”.

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