My Family consist of Bully Breed Advocates. My dream is to own a Bully Rescue. 
I've already put as much of my own money as i could in vets, crates, and dog-food. 
We are trying to raise money to add more kennels, and purchase more supplies... 
We are looking for Partnerships if you are interested. 
Our website gets 40,000+ views, We currently have a High-Promotion rate.
Our Mission is to take as much pups out of shelters and put into happy forever homes.
One day our efforts will pay-off and we won't have to rescue no more.. The pups will all be happy and loved like they truly deserve. We are a NO-CRATE rescue. We'd like for our Furry friends to enjoy thier days out of the substantial prison they are confined to in a shelter..

We place dogs in loving, responsible, committed permanent homes, following a comprehensive adoption process which includes taking considerable care in finding good matches and educating prospective adopters about the responsibilities and costs of bringing a dog into their homes and lives.
We follow ABKC's Code Of Ethics.

The following Code of Ethics is predicated upon this fundamental philosophy:

1. We believe and accept that the breed and its welfare are of paramount importance and supersede any other commitment to American Bully, whether that is personal, competitive, or financial.

2. We will at all times try to be constructive and instructive in my dealings with other members and with the general public.

3. We will strive to educate all interested owners or potential owners about the breed and its needs in order to foster responsible dog ownership.

4. We will behave in a manner that is conducive to the purposes of the Group.

5. To the extent that my abilities allow, We will honor all written contracts and/or guarantees. We understand that failure to do so risk expulsion.

6. We will maintain an environment of consistently high standards of care for all dogs owned by Us.

7. We will provide high quality veterinary care for OUR dogs throughout their lifetimes, including euthanasia if/when it becomes necessary, recognizing that this is one of the responsibilities of dog ownership.

8. We agree that my dog(s) are my responsibility and should never end up in a shelter, if I cannot take care of my dogs I will do everything in my power to re-home the dog(s) so they do not end up in shelters.

9. We agree to follow recommendations set forth by ABKC such as microchip, DNA and health testing for all our dogs.

10. We will strive to conform to any and all laws pertaining to dogs in our community.

11. We will be honest in any and all advertising that we may place for the promotion of our dogs, our breeding program or my kennel.

12. We will help this group with any Events, Shows or B.B.Q.’s with donations or time put in at these events.

13. We will monitor the group board for any wrong doing. Making sure that the board members are obeying the rule set by management.

14. We agree that all contracts or agreements between breeders and owners regarding stud services, sale of dogs and puppies, co-ownerships or co-breedings, guarantees regarding live litters, sales or other services should be put in writing for the protection of all involved parties.

We will not:

1. Sell, give away or otherwise transfer dogs to any pet shop, either onconsignment or outright, nor will we transfer dogs to any medical facility, animal wholesaler, auction, or raffle.

2. Knowingly sell to unethical breeders or other persons whose intent to resell is known or suspect.

3. Purchase any American Bully or any litter in its entirety for resale to any individual or commercial establishment.

4. Falsify pedigrees, medical clearances or breeding information.
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