New Razors Edge Pit bull pup - Leg questions!


We just added Valentine (aka Valley Girl), a 4 month old (24 lb.) RE Pit Bull, to our family about a month ago. She's been a SUCH an awesome pup.. eager to please, not very hyper or mouthy, affectionate, and obedient. Everyone and every dog she meets she loves! We have her in daycare twice/wk and staring puppy class this week. She's just a LOVER!!

The only thing I'm unsure of is her legs. She's very 'built' and muscular, so I'm assuming she's having growing pains and needs extra vitamins?? I've started her on calcium yogurt treats, hip+joint pro vitamins, and Omega 3 fish oil for brain, coat, and joints. 

So, what I've noticed is she swings her hips a little funny when she walks (upon physical exam, our vet said she's 100%, happy and healthy from what he can see and feel. He said we'll have to watch her grow. Also, when she has a long day on her feet, she'll start walking on the outside of her paws - looks like they are hurting her. The worst was yesterday when we went on a short walk with her, we ended up carrying her home:( Her one front leg got so bad, it bowed way out and looked deformed as she walked. When she stopped, both her little legs were just shaking. Poor thing!!! She was fine when we got home, but she laid around a lot last night, off her feet. She's back to herself today but I can still see she wants to walk on the side of her paws. We have a split level home and she takes a long time to climb the stairs too. All of this I'm assuming because she's so heavily and her body is growing. 

Does this breed have leg issues as they grow?? Any advise?




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