• I have a question. Wht is considered to b a tri colored. I took a female tri off a guy who found her under his truck. He was going to take to the humane society. Whn I got her home is was scatching her belly only to feel a kick. Took her to vet. Found out she was pregnant. She had 7 pups on the 23rd of nuvember. Ths is my first bully. And im convinced tht four of her pups r tri colored. Wht is considered to b tri colored
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    • 3 different color markings but then again Brindle should be considered a tri huh lol hmm
    • I will attach these pics of her and the pups. One is acctually brindle. Let me knw wht u thnk as far as their color. Well. Guess not. It says file is to big
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  • We have a GrCH Beastro son out of our CH Muse, Blue Fawn girl. We've been told he's a purple tri. Celtic Reign Zeus is gorgeous and very typy as well. Have to say that's my favorite tri color!

    • you can pot them up by adding them to the group photos if you like

  • I like this type better its a cleaner look

  • i like those two shades

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