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  • Real nice dog man, please accept my Friend request, I have liked, and hearted your Daxline please like, and heart me back.
    My mom, and I co own Kennel, and my mom is a 3rd GENERATION Breeder, I now 4th I introduced her to the Bullies, and she loves them. My mom raises lap dogs little DESIGNER pups Shihtzu, and Shichons, and they all get along. We have a preference for the Daxline, Gottyline look. Also like razors edges heads, but stick to the Decline blood in our program. We are Native American Decent, and name all our dogs alogonquin names.
    * Animosh Menetona - (female) means = Dog that listens well
    * Chevieo (male) = Warrior Spirit
    * Mijakquat (female) pronunciation me ya ka wat
    = Peaceful, Calm
    A little of our history, but really our K-9 experience, and expertise goes back many GENERATION, and way too long for this post.
    We love your dog, please love us back, and we can learn, and teach one another.
  • Hey lady!
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