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This is NOT a list of the top show dogs, those rankings can easily be found on the different registry’s websites.

In no specific order, this is a list of the most sought after Studs- that are taking the bully World by storm this year, demanding international attention, and earning their owners serious cash.

For our readers who prefer an exotic style bully..

Up & Coming Heavy Hitters To Keep An Eye On

These are Studs Not Yet Fully Developed (Under 18 Months) With A Ton of Potential

Breakout Female Superstar

Breakout Female

Puppy With Serious Potential to Become The Next Big Thing

Luca Brasi.. Too Young To Call The Next Big Stud.. but just look at this stunning pup! We have a feeling his future will be very bright!









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  • My pup Disturbing tha Peace is definitely a upcoming stud to keep a eye on! 

    • Post that pic let them see him lol 

  • 2565940C52F94BFA98E1B4454D9FC604.jpeg?width=721

  • They’re all Dax line dogs lol 

  • F8268FEE931E4A29ACA326678F0127CF.jpeg?width=721Here’s a good exotic contender 

  • Nice list but magoo isn’t in the race anymore I would of put Lucky Luciano there 

  • Those wp images aren’t showing up 

    • Trying to fix that now

      • Cool

      • You should probably only copy and paste the words those images look horrible 

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