Dax Vs Beastro !!!!


Ok I was on a debate on fb very good debate which of the Two dogs have the most flaw ,Besides Dax High Rear do he have more flaws than Beastro which his flaws includes an underbite,easty westy,he carries a challenge tail.

This is just opinions not bashing what do you thing and your opinions are needed

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  • I love the Dax bloodline, I have one of his great grandsons 

    the only part I do not like as much is the high rear but beautiful dogs. 

  • I think they’re flawed in different ways but I wouldn’t use beastro for anything 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • I don't know the standards for this breed. I have looked at it before, but I'm not an expert.

    But if I judged completely by the video I would choose Beastro as the better of the two. I can't see their bites in the video.

    I don't like Dax rear. I don;t like his hocks. His gait wasn't good either. Likely because of the rear and hocks.

    Beastro is a little eastie/westie. According to what I remember about the standard it is not preferred, but acceptable for the breed. Beastro gait was better. The rear is better. Has better angulation. Beastro head is up showing himself to be a very confident dog.

  • Oh there def is, Just as your dog can look bad ass. But take a pic on a bad angle an post an ppl say ahh your dog is ok. Your response would be he looks better in person, which means a bad pic. A better video of dax of have been picked. All im saying, either way flaws an all both nice dogs
  • I don't think there's such thing as a better or bad video of either dog Dax is known for hit high rear so we saw that in the video beastro is known for his mulitple flaws

  • I dont dax looked that bad in that video. Needless to say a bad video of beastro could of been chosen. Instead one of the better ones was pick. I think dax is a more solid dog minus the high rear. Beastro has been said to have more flaws, but is more presentable then dax. This is why is num one look wise
  • so besides dax high rear what else do he have compare to beastro underbite east westy challenge tail and more

  • I seen Beastro once. I didn't pay him any mind since I'm not a bully fanatic.
  • have u ever seen beastro or dax in person? if so u would agree with me beastro do not look half as good in person 

  • Dog Whisperer, you say Beastro has more flaws?  Dax looked horrible in this video, Bestro looked better confirmation wise in his video.  Beastro does have some stuff that could use a little work, but not as much as Dax.

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