First off the site is full of duplicate dogs and persons I guess this is why bullypedia is charging to correct and fix Duplicate content that can lead to people using other people's info to create un authorized peds on their database .I must say i was against bullypedia charging but lets be real they had too maybe not $20 but they had to charge to correct those mistakes .The bully tunnel pedigree is heading to failure faster than they know it and subliminally bashing bullypedia about charging in a few months or years to come they will have to do the same when they are about to run out of data space by having to many duplicate dogs and persons on the pedigree site .So you might as well pay the $20 which i hope they change or deal with the same process with The bully Tunnel when that time comes.

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  • tell him don't charge do a free magazine for the community it's only$1.54 to print per magazine

  • these comment are funny 

  • PS i know cesar aswell for all you smarty pants especially the one says we aint to bright or the ppl that follow them..who do you follow? whos your ped forum for your bullys?..Do you OWN bullies or you justa wana be cheerleader stirin the pot?..getting back EVEN IF Cesar and Co. thats TBTM for the illitterates that dont know...he own TBTM...thats "Thebullytunnelmagazine" for those dont understand TBTM...He would NEVER find away..besides who said that was BPs problem anyways?? or you being another GUESSER DM?

    • Seems like they are out of business now.

      • Lol six years later most of these bully businesses go out of business.Its all a hustle for these guys as soon as they can’t make a dime the disappear 

    • I hope u take my advice and fix these issues
    • I have nothing against cesar or anything bad to say about him but facts i understand he felt hurt i chose the other person side and not paid for the bully tunnel first issue like i was suppose too but that did not give him the right to go tell lies he went and stood next to bullypedia why ? then he did the same thing to them he did to me Chris from bullseye magazine and Carmen 9th legion he stole everyones ideas lol bully in time square was not his of course he can say that when he used their camera to film upload it to his channel then delete it just like he did my half ass put together commercial he did for me that i paid him $350 for he got mad and took it down thats someone who do stuff off emotions Ran did not ban him from the bullypedia show I did we all was on the phone 3 way when I was speaking to cesar they heard the truth so Fernando told Ran tell him he cant come thats the truth

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      • Wow u have the proof damn that's messed up
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