• I guess so but if your going to do stupid shit you should just quit the bully game cause that makes no sense. These dogs bloodlines should not be messed with and if your going to then take that shit somewhere else
    • I'm not saying they are doing anything wrong. I don't have any first hand knowledge. It's not hard to prove that they aren't. Just submit the DNA. I wouldn't want anything from them and this was before this scandal. This gives them a bad reputation. But many people looking for dogs do not research the breeder. They will buy dogs from them based upon what they heard or that they had a big name or well known dogs in the past. They will buy garbage dogs and think they are good because they don't know anything about the breeds. They just want what is popular.

  • That shits messed up. Thats straight bad business. I would never buy any dog from them. I have pride in my dogs and where they came from. My dogs bloodlines are some of the best and i would never do something stupid to jeopardize that.
    • Money is more important to some people
  • That's a conspiracy theory. Someone that is not a fan made some accusations. Who knows they might have presented some proof or witnesses. In order to clear their names and program they need to provide DNA evidence on the litter in question. But they refuse to so it. Either their ego is getting in the way or they have something to hide. IMO
    • Dam forget my sabotage theory I'm with you on that one. This looks like it's ready for the Maury Show lol
      • LOL

        In the case of ________ you are not the father...24.gif

  • Can it be sabotage? I have a theory but won't say it cuz it might just give people ideas and mess with people's game. You never know these guys can be victims of sabotage
  • anything new? Frown.gif

  • I used to like them, before I became wiser about the breed. Their only good dogs are Big Country, Too Phat, and Mo Money. And even then, they're not all that. Most of their females are meh. High rears, long backed, turned out elbows. Their new male Chubby Money is stiff in the stifle and Juice was just an awkward looking dog.

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