American Bully, English Bulldog mixed pups

Can you breed them with with a french bulldog male or how would you go about breading a female mix breed (American Bully, English Bulldog) with another male dog what breads can u use? First time trying this had the dogs i wanted a puppy so we did something different an didnt know that they was a hybrid dog until recently. So any help or pointers would be great to know. Thanks

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  • Yes you can register them as F1 but the cross an EB and a American B is an Olde English Bulldog so why not just buy an Olde with already established pedigree. 

    Best regards.

  • Can breed my classic ambully to a english bulldog will it be called a bully still
    • Y the heck would u do that for? Lol damn noobs so glab i stop messing wit dogs
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  • You can register English bulldog x American bully with the Brahma bully association
    • What do i do to get started on the registration. The thing is we dont have paper on the female American bully. We have papers on the english bulldog.
  • Theyll be 6 weeks the 16 of march.
  • I used both i had a male english bulldog an my dad had a female American bully she was in heat an he tried but he couldn't u know lmao. So we had to get her artificially simulated she had six 4 males 2 females really good looking pups but 2 males didnt make it.
  • Use a American bully female to whatever bulldog male would be my guess Imo probably would give u a cleaner look
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