Angulation vs. high rear

 it also seems people pull there dogs rear feet a foot back and say he has good angulation. shouldn't the dog be at natural stance or does it work either way? is there a such thing as overangulation?

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  • well I guess Geraldo if what your saying is true then I guess you are calling yourself a hater then right , because you on here telling everyone not to have their opinion but you feel as though you should have yours huh lol ... if you want to preach practice what you preach first ....

    • see check out this stack off
      • Lol
  • People have gotten good at hiding their dogs fault by how they stack the dog. But a good judge should make the person allow the dog to self stack. This give a better picture of the dog.

    • most bullies will sit they have to be stacked by their owners

      • If they have to be assisted to stand they should be disqualified IMO.

        One recent sow my boy wouldn't sow his teeth. He has the correct bite, But because he didnt show his teeth for that judge I pulled him. He can't be shown if he won't show his teeth.

  • am glad your still conversating now you see why i post different stuff and u took something  u thought was negative and now u kinda have an understanding on our point of views

  • I wasnt trying to start anything i was just trying to show how negative people can be for no reason..i understand voicing your oppinion but come on there a certain way to do it even if its a bad one there no need to act like your shit dont stink and have the best of the best..there is no such thing as a perfect dog we all have our own version
    • Yea their can be some nice dogs but people take it to far cuz they don't know the right way..i agree miagi is the best since he was the first nice exotic
      • i just post a few exotic videos

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