• Okay, y'all need to stop hating. This dog is dope. It a beast, st8 freeeak.


    I wonder if that dog has a carpet burn on its belly.

  • that's just how they stacked him

    • They put his legs out and back to make his chest look wider and pop out more. Look for more pictures of this dog.

      • I did there ain't much lmao its a poor. Excuse its garbage why would one post pics this horrible of a dog?
        • if you block out the head and legs, his chest looks swole

          • Oh ok gotcha
  • That's animal cruelty, people are sick in there head.
    • agreed

    • I wish they come up with a law to lock up anyone breeding these sick dogs ,not owning them breeding them

      • Alot of ppl will be in jail lmao
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