• Puppy mill ..
  • What happen to them going to check out the kennel ?
  • I think it's time for champion bounce to smash his beans lol on a mission beans me and bounce coming for you
  • IMO Mr Beans is ugly head always sagging high rear just doesn't look right
  • Personally. I like Terrell, however I also like Bashar so it sucks they're at each other so consistently. I think the fact he's a successful business man, and doesn't have the perfect dog but the people's choice dog it grinds people like Terrell's gears. I get why it does, but Bashar should get all of these accusations because you despise his program.
    • I hear ya. I think they are both very knowledge breeders and business men and I'm not saying either men are wrong, because I don't know them personally, but If you think about it, there is no perfect dog and Bashar says this. The better dog is all in the eye of the beholder and or judge. Bashars dogs are great to look at. What is a show dog, it's a beautiful dog that people love to look at. It's a dog that meets the standards as much as possible, but no dog is perfect because there is no such thing. Bean may not be the best show dog, but everyone lines up to see him like his father, his brother, his grandfather. Bashar breeds consistent dogs, he gives people what they want and he knows how to be successful at it. You can't hate on him for that. I have said in the past I think the prices of dogs are straight up rediculous and have gotten way out of hand, but as long as people pay, the prices will keep going up. 2 great rules to live by. Mind your own business and if you have nothing nice to say then keep your mouth closed hahahahaha I think Terrell should do what he has to to become a judge so that he can put his words to actions and pick the more correct dog to win. Then he can put his words into action in a professional way.
  • I don't know, I watched both videos and it just doesn't make any sense for a top breeder to risk his program and reputation and his family's lifestyle on those accusations. If his dogs were on steroids that would have been detected a long time ago. Bashar admits he doesn't have a perfect dog and if he was paying off judges that would have came out a long time ago too because no one can keep secrets like that. People love to gossip and talk shit. There is no way he would have got away with that for this long.He breeds nice dogs. They might not all be show quality, but they are bad ass dogs and Mr. Bean might not be perfect but let's be honest he is an amazing freak of a dog that people and judges love to look at. The one thing I do know is talking shit and getting into others business will get you nowhere quick. This stuff defeats the whole purpose of the positive bully breed movement. Breeders should use their energy and knowledge to help eachother and the breed.
  • Lol they always picking on someone
  • I'm about to watch it now
  • Lol he couldn't answer the steroids question properly
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