Bully Dogs Getting Uglier And Uglier

Is it me? or have you too noticed that our dogs have gotten uglier as time has passed. Poor breeding and the rush for cash has caused money hungry breeders to lose their scruples. A great majority of them do not even know what a good looking, well bred dog should look like. Most of them do not care.

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  • It's sad people breed for a certain looks.. These are the same people why a lot of dogs have their physical disabilities..
  • What's going on Curtis just want to say always enjoy your videos. Plus you have a lot of knowledge so keep it up man love what your doing..
    • He had enough it look like lol
  • Lol
  • Amen
  • I agree with everything you said, with.the exception of when you said OUR dogs have gotten uglier!! What I mean by that Tiffany is that dog is not one of our dogs!! That dog is not an American Bully!! Much respect!!
    • It's what he wrote in his description

  • He ain't never lied <img src='http://www.bkserv.net/images/Tongue.gif' />
  • Lmao I miss this guy
    • A shame his blog isn't up anymore

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