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Fellas how do you all feel about the trust the blood saying?  I hear that alot from breeders that have pups that just don't look up to standards. I did purchase a very skinny 4 month of pup by a year this pup was ring ready. 

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  • The breed as a whole is very inconsitent. 

    • Not if your breeding towards the standards now if your breeding for fad yes

      • Even people breeding champions still producing classics from time to time. Standards produce pockets and pockets produce standards. That's the inconsistency.

        • Right but are they coming out with classics train wreck? If it’s towards the classic standards it’s cool 

          • The inconsitency im talking abput doesnt have to do with train wrecks. Im talking about the inconsistent look in the breed period. There is 3 basic classes and all 3 produce variations of their own look. No 2 bullies are alike in different programs like you see in other breeds. A lab looks like a lab but bullies have an incosistent look.

  • Yea that’s a slogan everyone uses even if the blood is trash they’ll say it but if it’s a bloodline I like and is consistent yeah I will trust that blood 

    • Not if it looks like this lol


      • Lmao

      • Oh wow that’s a horrible looking idea 

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