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Can dogs get sundowner's? and other problems


I have a Maltese mix rescue (have for about 4 years) who we think is about 11-12 years old. She recently was diagnosed with sublating patellas and I believe she has some spinal issues as well. She has always had an inchworm type back and has recently developed some crepitus in it. Recently she has been waking up at night and wandering aimlessly around the bedroom as if she is looking for me or is just confused (her eyesight and hearing are starting to decline but this is different). This does not seem to happen in the daytime. Tonight I heard her again and her inchworm back was more pronounced, her front feet are closer to her back feet when she stands. Her alingnment from head to toe is sort of in a half circle (if looking at her from above). She still looks like she is confused. There was no injury before this that I am aware of. I figure there may be some issues with the back, but also wondered if this could also be vestibular syndrome, or if dogs can sometimes get a sundowner's type thing?

Please help

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