• Are all their does questionable because I have a daughter off their boy CBF'S S2 KING son of Sirman of CBF
    • Idk about them or if them have done any paperhanging. Thats what some people are stating
    • All dogs are questionable with that being said it depends on where in the pedigree the papers was hung ,your dog maybe legit from the 2 dogs that produced them but in their lineage somewhere the papers and the dog used isn't what the papers says . This is in most American bullies
      • Absolutely correct we all should know that be now.To continue to lie and be deceitful. Also to continue paper hanging is not ok or unacceptable
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  • They have had a lot of negativity surrounding them for years. Whether its true or not. People do change the breed to ship but also you can ship as pits or ambull. Their program has gone down. No my cup of tea.
    • It has pure trash now
  • agreed

  • Their explanation is legit most breeders don't ship the dogs as pit Bulls
  • Why are they hated so much? I never had an issue with them or ran cross them in any negative way ..
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