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CCBC Wreck-It Ralph


Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the notorious!!!!!!!!! Wreck-It Ralph(#openforstud) HE  has three letters confirmed and one pending production will be coming out real soon!!!! I would like to send a shout out to my little homie from the crew Cesar Navarro for the amazing pictures #CCBC  #Monster #Caliconnectedbullycrew #WreckItRalph #SOLANOSBULLYS #Americanbully #exoticbully #nfl #mlb #nba please share share share all comments welcome

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  • nice lil bull

  • So your'e going to just leave my boy Bounce oout the mix ? 

    • Lol no I knew that was coming Photoshop schedule for next week

      • yup this my boy love him everyone else comes 2nd 

  • Nice 

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