Critique my pup

Mouch is 5 months old.

he weighs about 30lbs(haven’t got him to the vet I just got him Tuesday)

i was just wondering what you guy thought about him. Build wise.

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  • He’s been filling out here lately


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      Still would like to see to see more mass on his head but I’m sure he will fill out over time.


      • He’ll fill out in about 15 months 

        • Yeah, I'm just anxious to see what this guy will become. 

  • What a cutie

  • Nice I don't care if the tail is a little to long at least he got one lmao most breeders today can't produce a dog with a proper tail 

    • AMEN!!!

    • Thanks! I am hoping to get him to thicken up with some bullmax or maximum bully. He just seems to be on the thin side. I am trying to figure out how tall he will be. I hope he stays on the short side.

      • What are you feeding him now?

        • Right now i got a sample bag of bullymax my brother gave me. Probably I am going to do maximum bully with satin balls as staple with satin balls only being feed one to two times a week.

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