• Do you really think Ed dont have a collection of semen to fill a truck. RIP Dax, poor boy so sorry. For Ed no one knows whats left off Dax in the bank....

    • Let's hope he remembered to do that
  • Great new... Getting pup at that price is a steal!!! Happy for Ed big loss for the Bully community losing DAX best wishes... Glad we have sons and daughters!!!
    • Did u enter him in the competition?
      • No I'm normally on FB and insta just seen Post so added myself being we do biz with Ed Shepard
        • Oh ok
    • Thank you ..Lol we really like our Dax Son so we go around taking pictures of him all the time!!!
    • Nice dog u got in your pro pic <img src='' />
  • he always sold them for that price just what a great timing to advertise it

  • I can retire with that money lol

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