• I've used it before. It does put on weight on the dogs and they seem to love the taste.
  • That shit is the truth luv it
  • Yes very good. I use it
  • Can I get some feedback on a product? I just ran across this product ( and need a second opinion. I'm trying to add weight to my rescue pit. What are your thoughts on this? Is this something you would feed your dog?

    • never heard of this you can try it and give us a feedback

      • Been using this for about 5 months now and it's keeping my dog at an ideal weight. The reason I chose miracle vet over dyne is the natural ingredients. It's worth paying the couple of extra bucks to avoid the propylene glycol that's in dyne's formula. Propylene glycol was banned by the FDA for use in cat food but it can still be used for dogs. It's one of the main ingredients used in antifreeze.

  • Yes its high in protein & when u mix about a tea spoon real good they eat a lot more .been using it for yes.I buy it at a local feed store good luck
  • Used it before .... it did work for my dogs years ago... Glad that you brought this back up. I may just start my dog on it in about 2 more months.

  • Good stuff

  • very good stuff but as she stated very expensive

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