Everybody Hates Miagi

He is buzzing again yes Mr Miagi is the talk of the community when his boastful owner said he made over 10 million dollars with him.Although in my opinion I think Jorge was just making fun of someone else's dog and probably was joking around with the numbers Miagi made him everyone took that and ran with it .

According to other sources Miagi a dog with no accomplishment in the bully community made too much money,well lets name a few dogs that accomplished nothing and owners made alot of money.Juan Gotti accomplished nothing Remy Martin ,Dax oh I forgot he accomplished alot he is a Champion.

Why Should Jorge Give Back: I don't think Jorge is obligated to do anything for a community that black ball him and won't even register him but register and champed his brother.Jorge did not  hold a gun to anyone head and said you better spend money with me.

I am not pro Miagi he is not my cup of tea but I'm to the point where nothing I say or you say will change people's mind on what to buy or breed to.Why not look at the positive Miagi has done he made someone successful ,he made other people successful who invest in his offsprings.

Who doesn't want to make make money off their dogs or anything they invest in even if its bettering the breed ,if we would stop giving Miagi the time of the day and push the clean correct dogs and talk about them as much as we do Miagi in a bad way it may eliminate the bad breeders,because our word of mouth is a form of advertisement for them.

My days of talking about exotics on blogs is over it did nothing it changed nothing because people will do what they want and please ,the exotic movement is still going strong while show goers are still bitter and losing focus on their yard,heck they are now breeding to exotics ..

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  • Maigi is a good looking dog. Its the 6x miagi dogs that I have a problem with. They have exagerated his features into trainwrecks. I wouldn't blame miagi for the spotlight he is under but his owner and the people who careless have been breeding the blood without having any concern towards the health and future of the bloo.

  • Huh probably when u blend it with pug lol

  • All I know is that 2x Marcello blood shrink shit... An it's only on top half of my girls pedigree. Shrink shrink lol

  • He outlived Dax and most others but question is where is he ?

  • well said from a FORMER EDGE breeder now Miagi blood.

  • I agree a valid point. I dont knock no one's hustle. Do your thing but do for a purpose and have dignity. I have seen him in person and he has faults like a lot of dogs out there, he is not that bad really. Me personally I'm not for him being bred because of know health complications some that can be passed to his offsprings. Your dog does not have accomplished or be a champ to producer. Some got lucky others researched and put time in their yards and breedings. There are those that have titles but can produce champs or even reproduce them self. We all know bully community talk, all you can do is take it for face value. Have your own vision and strive for it....
    • Well said
  • Lol
  • he's so cute 

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