Explanation of what is an Exotic bully

The EBA is unveiling its Exotic Bully Hybrid Program.  This program will now allow breeders to openly integrate two highly sought after breeds within the Bully community (French Bulldog/English Bulldog) with the American Bully.  The merger of these breeds will create The Exotic Bully.  The EBA is taking the Exotic Bully from a mere style to a purposeful breed.  The EBA believes The Exotic Bully Hybrid Program will aid in eliminating the practice of mixing in other breeds and deceitfully tagging them as American Bullies.  Just as the American Bully is not an American Pit Bull Terrier, the Exotic Bully is not an American Bully!! The Exotic Bully is a new hybrid breed in development, introduced and defined by the Exotic Bully Association. Please note that any American Bullies wishing to register with the EBA must fit into the American Bully standard.




Frequently Asked Questions


 What is an Exotic Bully Hybrid?

This is the EBA permitted cross between

  1. French Bulldog x American Bully
  2. English Bulldog x American Bully


How will my Exotic Bully Hybrid be registered?

You will receive an EBA Hybrid Pedigree that displays the breed as an Exotic Bully Hybrid.


How do I register my Exotic Bully Hybrid litter?

Both sire and dam must first be EBA registered in order to register your hybrid litter.


After I have produced an Exotic Bully Hybrid, can I now breed my Exotic Bully Hybrid back to a French Bulldog or English Bulldog?

No.  The EBA emphatically prohibits to reintroduction of a French Bulldog or an English Bulldog once an Exotic Bully Hybrid is created.


After I have produced an Exotic Bully Hybrid, can I now breed my Exotic Bully Hybrid back to an American Bully?

No.  The EBA emphatically prohibits to reintroduction of an American Bully once an Exotic Bully Hybrid is created.


Since I am prohibited from reintroducing an English Bulldog, French Bulldog, or an American Bully to my Exotic Bully Hybrid, can I breed the Exotic Bully Hybrids listed above together?




Will I be able to show my Exotic Bully?

Yes you will be able to show under the Exotic Bully breed as it develops.


Note: Any dogs that are not created within the exotic bully hybrid program using the permitted crosses will not be recognized or registered as an Exotic Bully. For additional questions regarding our Exotic Bully Hybrid Program, please call us at 404-438-1992




English Bulldogs and French Bulldogs must have a copy of a 3 generation pedigree along with a completed application in order to EBA register. (Please refer to registration page for all acceptable registries).If there is not an accepted registry listed for your French bulldog or English bulldog, please notify us.

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  • Pure rubbish

  • I have an exotic 2x Miagi 2x bullseye and I'm registered under the usbr that's Ed sheperd registry. So you can go under him if your paper work is in order.you also have the ibr I believe. But don't quote me on that for sure or maybe the abr..but good luck
    • This was written years ago by the first exotic bully registry before Ibr,ibkc,abr and so on ever started
  • Mane y'all had some nice topics on here
    • It'll come back when we're done with the site one more month guarantee
  • Classic thread
  • I'm late but like the direction but I also do believe a exotic could be created with 2 American bullies
    • So, um.. if I were to breed a Akita with an Akita I can get a different breed? What would it produce? A Pug? A Bulldog?

      This would go against the laws of nature, genetics, etc. If you breed to of the same species you will always get the same species. It is impossible to get anything else but the same species. You must breed to different species to produce something different.

      You breed a lion and tiger together you get a Liger. You breed a buffalo with a cow and you get a Beefalo. A zebra and a donkey creates a Zonkey. I didn't know some of these animals existed until I visited a Wildlife Safari near Springfield about 4 years ago.

      This is how you create an exotic animal.


      • Lol 

      • Lmao
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