Gottiline Champion BOUNCE

Hello ladies and gentlemen here it is as promised gottiline Champion bounce my living legend Hello I am Roach Solano Owner of gottiline Champions BOUNCE he is now 8 years old and retired from show ring and breeding

Although he is 8 years old he still acts like a two-year-old dog and tries to breed to every female in my yard lol 

Bounce has been a amazing dog to me he has given me some excellent production and has taken me to places I never thought I'll go

He has beaten some of the best in the show ring and out of the ring he has stacked against big name dogs like king Gotti Bistro Daxagie El Chapo Plex Golden Boy and many more

 Bounce has also been featured in numerous bully magazines

I knew bounce was special when we went to our first show with bounce and he won 2 shows Best in Show 

He is now living the dog life laying in my living room sleeping and eating all day he is the best dog I've ever had not only a dog but my best friend my kids love him and my whole family loves him

Well now it's time to say goodbye these will be his final pictures his journey has end and now it's time to relax for him but he  will still live on with his offspring and no he is not dead lol

 thank you guys for reading make sure to check out his son B2 AKA little bounce

My living legend CH BOUNCE


I would like to thank a special somebody for pushing me to get these photos out she know who she is this is the official photo release of Bounce  on this is Bully


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