Has the Olde English Bulldogge fallen?

An Olde English Bulldogge (Bitch)

The original creator of the OEB certainly seems to think so. David Leavitt was the founder of the Olde English Bulldogge, but he seems to not want to be associated with the current OEB anymore. Instead he aims to work with his new line of Bulldogs, the Leavitt Bulldog. Leavitt states, "A big reason for my wanting to change the Breed name is that there are far more Alternative Bulldog OEB’s than true ones, and most of these dogs don’t have the appearance of the old working Bulldog. I admit it’s my pride that has driven me to want to make clear these heavy dogs aren’t my creation. I couldn’t force them to change and the logical answer was to change a name that really wasn’t correct for the period we are trying to recreate anyway." The current Olde English Bulldogge isn't plagued with the problems of many English Bulldogs, but doesn't live up to David's expectations due to the way breeders are beginning to breed them. A Leavitt Bulldog (Dog)

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  • I think the olde has fallen, I got introduced to bully breeds through growing up with pits and later owning an AB. Fast forward to being a man with a family I got an Olde, in some ways he is comparable to my AB( by far my most loyal, athletic and all around best dog) and other ways he is not. At 13 months he is built nice, growing good, he protects and guards the house in command very little bark a lot of bite! Gotta work on turning him off quicker, I see that overall he is very stubborn and is not a people pleaser, wants to follow his desires before his masters but is learning well. <img style='display: block;' alt='IMG_4926.JPG' src='http://thisisbully.co/uploads/IMG_4926.JPG' /><img style='display: block;' alt='IMG_4926.JPG' src='http://thisisbully.co/uploads/IMG_4926.JPG' />
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  • Na they just change the name to dax line
  • For the record, I wasn't talking about popularity. It just seemed to me like the OEB has fallen short of the real reason it was created. To make a healthy, working Bulldog and not a slightly healthier than the EB, show dog.

    • You can probably say that for 80% or more of the breeds today.
  • I wonder if the real reason for a name change is to get credit and hopefully make more money?

  • Pretty popular in Canada

  • No they are still around and strong just not popular in our community
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