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Health Testing? What's That?

Looking at the OFA website, I decided to look at the amount of published entries for American Bullies out of curiosity. I wasn't expecting much, but I was slightly hopeful... I mean a breed that has its own kennel club that hosts maybe 100 shows a year? And it definitely has A LOT of registered dogs. Dax has at least 1,000 offspring alone on record. So I looked at the data and what do I see? 122 entries as of September 8th, 2017. That's right, a breed that has to have at the very least 3,000 registered dogs and numerous breeders has only a little over 120 screened dogs with the OFA. I decided to compare this with a breed called the Alaskan Noble Companion Dog, a breed made to resemble a wolf with very little to no actual wolf blood. This breed has been bred by one single breeder that I know of since the 80s. It had 152 entries as of September 8th, 2017. Does that seem right? A breed that has one breeder, no registry, and has only been recorded by the one person breeding them has more health tests done with the OFA than a breed that's spread literally all over the world? Now I was really curious. What was a breed that would totally blow this out of the water? Maybe make these people wake up and realize health testing should be done to have the American Bully take seriously?

The English Bulldog? Well, it does have over 1,000 entries but its a coddled AKC breed. That'd seem unfair. I decided to not pick an AKC breed, not even really a breed at all. I picked the Labradoodle. The fucking Labradoodle. And you know had over 4,400 entries with the OFA. A simple Poodle x Labrador cross has over 36 times more OFA entries than a world wide breed with its own damn registry. That's embarrassing. That's inexcusable. There's no way this can be explained in a logical fashion why health testing is so low for this breed except by saying "Not many breeders care." Is there some ABKC health testing scheme I don't know about? I'd be very surprised if their was, as the ABKC website has no mention of health anywhere besides the code of ethics where they recommend it to be done, and don't specify which ones. I can certainly tell you recommending does little to nothing to make a breed healthier. We don't know what lines carry what diseases, and even with cleared dogs the amount of inbreeding this community does will bring up recessive faults with both the phenotype and genotype in no time. And will the community please stop breeding 60-70-80 pound dogs on 13 inch legs? Breeding dogs the height of Jack Russells but with the weight of a Rottweiler! It's hell on joints, the respiratory system, and the heart. I'm sick and tired of having to go dumpster diving to pull up a decent looking dog from the trash heap to try and prove this breed isn't all dysfunctional show pieces.

PS- Showing a dog chasing a ball does not prove physical fitness or health. Doesn't work for English Bulldogs and Exotic Bullies, shouldn't count for American Bullies either.

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  • I think the best thing to do is start a new breed all together and leave all this bullshit behind.
    • Starting a new breed at this moment will have numerous concerns and consequences 

      • This breed already has many concerns and consequences. Its one of the most unhealthiest breeds and it's less than 30 years old.

    • Why start a new breed I mean ain't that why we are in this mess with exotics?

      • exotics arent a breed. When I say start a breed , I dont mean just start cross breeding a bunch of random dogs. I mean actually health testing brood stock and scientifically and methodically starting a program that would creat a healthy and consitent animal. Not like the american bully was started just throwing dogs together.

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