• A new look was and is still being created everyday in this community
    • U must want ghost start back up
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  • heck he is unusual 

  • he look unusual

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  • damn yuh got some wicked discussion in here me never see , the new look already done come 


  • It's a shame people are out there breeding for the "new look".  What they create are defective dogs while their main focus is to make a buck.  These looks really hurt the breed overall.  Their bone structure is terrible.  There is a standard for a reason.  How many of these dog don't make it to be 5yrs old. 

    The Exotics shouldn't last long.  Number wise who knows but they have lasted too long already.  That the ABKC made a category for it condones the behavior.  Which leads to more bad breeding, more "pitbull type" dogs at the pound, which means more cause problems and get put down.

  • lest get back on the post. I think the look will be around for a long time but I do think as breeders breed the look will keep changing and there will be always a new look coming out (color, size some thing)

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