Do Your Homework and Don't Get Taken For Your Hard Earned Cash

When buying an American Bully, whether it's your first, or your fifth.. you need to know how to find a reputable breeder. There are a few signs that can help you tell good breeders apart from bad breeders.  There are also several red flags to look out for that show you're about to get ripped off! The purpose of this article is to help you find the perfect dog for you, whether it's for a family pet, for show, or to begin your own kennel.
The main and most important first impression of recognizing a bad breeder from a good breeder is to know HOW THEY TREAT THEIR DOGS!!!!! But, some of thebest breeders in the country may not be located in your state, so you may not have an opportunity to visit them in person. 

Finding the right dog

KING TYSON II Owned by: Texas Size Bullies
Dogs who don’t get the love and attention they need, will not only have behavior problems, but they

will have shorter life spans. If a breeder can’t give his/her dogs their full attention, how will they pay attention to a litter of puppies? How kept up will the puppies be? Once you purchase your pup, it is your responsibility to socialize your new family member with people, dogs and children. Make sure they are all positive interactions.

How do their productions look? Did they turn out healthy? Are their clients happy? Do they offer references? Do clients give good reviews on the breeder? All these are important to take into consideration! You don't want an aggressive dog, so we recommend finding a kennel that doesn't keep their dogs locked in kennels for 23 hours a day. 
Also, when learning how to find a reputable breeder, one needs to know that a breeder’s dogs are the real deal and not only good looking with a proper build, but health tested and genetically sound as well.. Good temperament is extremely important. You will want to see several pictures of their dogs and some videos. If a dog really looks good, a breeder will want to show it off, not just hide it behind one glamour shot! They need to provide a good amount of photos and videos, and preferably Show the dog in order show how the Stud/Female does up against competition.
Texas Size Bullies' dogs sleep inside and are part of the family. We believe that's extremely important, we not only breed dogs that are physically top notch, but mentally too.  Our dogs are gentle with children, but will protect the house if necessary.

Avoid Getting Ripped Off!

Every day, in one of the American Bully or Pit bull groups on Facebook, Craigslist people are getting ripped off by con artists.  You'll see someone with a couple photos of a badass looking dog and they'll get your for your money.

Another common scam is hiding a top pick or two, so you're not really getting the pick you paid for. Or they'll add on additional money you didn't agree to, and if you can't come up with it, keep your deposit. 

Some will sell Stud fees on a dog that has past away and use "non-refundable deposits" as a grey area to steal your money. We see these posts daily, we've also had people alert us that other people were claiming to be selling pups of ours. 

Lastly, don't buy a shit dog just because you saw it in some forum with a bowed out stance and a couple comments like "freak" "alien" by a couple of kids who are clueless about what a real dog looks like. There are some well bred "exotics" out there, but for every one, there are 30 that have a myriad of health issues and won't live until 4 or 5.
Ever wonder where the hyped up exotics you see online but never in person go to? It's a place called doggy heaven. The breeders just artfully dance around the fact their "amazing production" "freak" is dead, and that dog you spent 5k on? Times ticking.. 


1. They do not have a kennel, website, social media pages including reviews, photos and videos of their dog. If they only have a picture of a badass dog, it's probably a scam.
2. They only accept money gram or Western Union (this does not protect you as a buyer, if they disappear with your money, you have little to no recourse or way to get it back)
3. They do not provide a receipt or contract stating exactly what both parties agree to.
4. You found out about this "incredible puppy" in a Facebook group and there's no known kennel.
5. The sellers Facebook was created this year= Scam
You're spending $2,000 and up and you want a top of the line dog.. Do you really want to send that kind of money to Joe "Hustleman" Johnson? Use common sense. 
There are several others ways bad breeders, or just plain con artists can rip you off, but this should give you some knowledge on how to avoid most cons. 
CH SMP's Lucky Luciano Owned by: Alex Ferraro

Stud Service

Another, and one of the biggest scams out there, and easiest ways to take people's money is through Stud Fees. Paying for a Stud is the best way to bring the best blood into your kennel. But some bad breeders or Facebook thieves will take your hard earned cash, and won't deliver.. 
Only buy from a kennel that will provide you with a contract stating exactly what you are paying for and includes what they are agreeing to as well. We ship directly to your vet. If your female doesn't take, we will re-ship! We want you to succeed. 


You also need to think about if this breeder knows how to correctly ship a dog. Can he ship a dog out of the state? Or out of the country if you require that?

That is a part of his/her responsibility to understand. I've seen buyers not get the pup they paid for and then breeders blame the mix up or condition on the shipper and claim no responsibility.
The breeder is responsible for shipping the dog to you in the exact condition you bought it. You need to know all of this going in, and before buying a dog. I would stay away from ground shippers. Not saying they're all bad, but we won't do it.  All our dogs ship Delta Airlines or United, fly in AC and you pick them up from the airport. Shipping cost is $250 anywhere in the country. 
Who you buy your dog from is very important, a lot of people get ripped off when they don’t know how to find a reputable breeder. We were ripped off when we first started, we were eager and excited to buy our first bully and didn't understand the right way to go about buying a pup. That's one of the things that inspired us to start our kennel and change the breed for the better. Thanks and GOD BLESS!!

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