A man walks into a bar with his dog but he has no money to buy drinks. So he bets the bartender that his dog can talk. "I bet you a drink that my dog can talk or I will pay you $5."

The bartender says "impossible, dogs don't talk." So he takes the bet.

The man tells his dog while pointing to the ceiling, "Hey, Fido, what is that?" The dog goes, "roof! roof!"

This makes the bartender angry but he gives the man his drink. Then the man, still thirsty and wanting another drink, tells the bartender, "I will bet you another drink that my dog can really talk!" The bartender agrees and the man gets a piece of sand paper and rubs the dog face with it and he asks the dog "how is that, Fido?" The dog goes, "ruff, ruff!"

The bartender gets angry but admits that he lost and gives the man his drink. The man still thirsty finally makes the bartender an offer he can't refuse. "I tell you what, I will prove to you that my dog can really talk and bet you the rest of the bottle against $100."

The bartender warns the guy "no more tricks or I will kick you outta here and won't give you anything even if you think you won!!"

The man promises no tricks! "OK Fido, who's the greatest baseball player that has ever lived!" The dog goes "Ruth! Ruth!"

At this point the bartender gets red in the face with anger and grabs a bat behind the bar and chases them out of the bar while giving both of them a couple of good licks with the bat!

Once out of the bar, sore and very much in pain, the dog turns to the man and says, "maybe I should have said DiMaggio."

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