• U can easily see the 3 headed monster on this dog... U can see 3 breeds in this finished specimen
  • Now thats the look, wonder if the attitude is there as well!!! Theres only a few true colors... Blue Brindle, Blue fawn And Black... All solid coats w' a lil flash on chest... These dogs all have it, if ur Bully is bred true...
  • Sure
  • Having sponsors would be nice. To help with breeders and help sponsor also for business on their end. I feel it will especially help on awareness and education of the breeds that are out there.
  • but real talk how are you going to say you're part of the bully community and you don't support their shows? UKC is not part of the bully communitythey pushed us away so long but now they want a piece of the money lmfao
    • Whether you agree with UKC or not they are now part of the American Bully community now. They have always had bully breeds. They promote them as an acceptable breed for their registry now. It brings  a wider audience to the breed. They can now compete in other events other than just conformation. Thy have full rights as any other breed that is part of their community.

      Saying they pushed us away for years sound personal. It is not personal. It is a business decision. You have to meet certain criteria before they are added to their breed registry as it own breed. I don't have all of the criteria, but here are the main one and this goes for AKC too. You have to have a and agree on a parent registry. This is where they will get the standard for the breed. You have to have a certain number of registered dogs. The AM Bully meets those main two. I don't recall the others requirements of the top of my head. But once a breed and organization meet their requirements they accept them into their registry. Then owners and breeders can register with them as they join the UKC community. The community is larger than just the bully registry. There are several registries for the AM bully. The UKC is more recognized. But too many people that want to keep thing to themselves or that are butt hurt hate to see progress like joining a more profitable, well organized, well established, more widely acceptable and recognized organization. ''I can tell you from experience how when I bred American BUlldogs how many fought against the AKC accepting them. Some wanted it and others didn't. There same thing is happening with the Presa now. These people are butt hurt. Most don't want it because they believe it will cut into their profits. Tee breed will become more popular because of its association with the AKC. Everybody will be selling them. Too many will start selling them for a few hundred and that will drive down prices and they will not be able to sell them for their $1,500-$6,000. Yes they are right. Too many backyard breeders will appear. But that is already happening. yes there will be people that will choose to buy a less quality dog for $300 over paying more for a quality dog from you. Even with that said I would love one day to see my breed or even better one of my pups on Westminster Show. That can only happen if you are part of the larger registry.

      Everybody want a piece of the money. You want a piece. I want a piece. Every new registry wants a piece. They host shows because they want a piece. If I want to host a show at Purina Farms they will give me the use of their facilities at no cost because they want a piece. They have done the marketing research that say they can have a show at their building at no cost and it will make them money. They will even supply some food sample, towels, etc for prizes. That is advertising for them. They want you to try their products. They want you to have their towels and other products. you are then advertising for them every time someone sees you with it. They are showing the world how they are supporting and giving back to the "community". I see the big picture. I see the advantages of having a top dog in the UKC, AKC, etc. It is not about my feelings. It is just business.

    • But can u explain still having ukc papers for your bullies? They pushed us away but we still finance them till today lol
      • I offer ABKC papers if the person that purchase dogs or puppies from me if they want ukc i tell them they can send it in my
  • are we talking about bully shows or UKC show and dogs can catch parvo no matter how old they are even if they got vaccinated I've gotten my dogs vaccinatedand had one of them get sick and it all depends on you if you let them die and who goes to shows without paying a booth if you're part of the bully community then you know this you must pay for a booth at shows and some shows won't allow you to walk around with your dog you need a boost not a vendor booth a show booth
    • Any dog can get parvo. Puppies are at a greater risk because their immune system isn't fully developed. Therefore I would not risk the welfare of my pups by bringing them to any Show. That for me is making a business decision. If others are willing to do that that's decision. If it a common practice that adult dogs leave your events and go there healthy and leave sick I would make a business decision based upon the welfare of my dogs and not attend. I wouldn't care if this was the UPPC, IABC,IAB, UJC, ARBA, AKC, etc. Being part of a community is greater than going to a dog show. Supporting the community includes fighting legislation that us against dogs, training, promoting positive things regarding the community, etc.

      As I said before don't take it personal. My questions were not about you. I asked because I wanted to know. It is facts finding. The shows I attend don't have booths other than vendors. But after it was explained that people sell things I understand why they get them.
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