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2017 BULLY KING Mascot Shamrock
Gymrat Bullyz' Shamrock (our 2nd Mascot who's a CH Lucky Luciano son ) was produced in the famous 1st 2X Lucky Luciano breeding) His sister was the raffle pup in last years drawing. 
We had to check this boy out in person to see if the rumors were true. We'll save you the suspense.. they were. This boy has tree trunks for legs!  His head broke 25" at 11 months old.. 
Fast forward 6 months and this boy is everywhere, stacking with the best at 18 months young.  Shamrock just took the Stack Off Champion Award at the ABKC's Back To The Bullies Show in Virginia with a TON of tough competition.

Shamrock is incredible, get prepared to see a lot more of this boy in 2017! 
We will be adding video and he will also be campaigning at shows throughout the country, making believers out of the doubters. Try to get a hand all the way around one of his trunks and we'll buy you a beer. Shamrock is proudly owned by Arthur Lassiter.  

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    • What a beautiful dog

  • Beautiful love that dog. He is a beast
  • Love this boy he is awesome!
  • That's a bad boy
  • Bad ass dog. There is a video on youtube of Shamrock. Back to the bullies is the title. He is a monster
  • Nice 

  • Any Video of this guy?

    • the owner has a lot on his Facebook page we're hoping he's at the FL show this weekend so we can get some HD video of him

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      • yea I found a few yesterday thanks by the way 

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