• Ain’t nothing like a clean correct dog132590411?profile=RESIZE_710x

  • I find it funny that exotic breeders charge so much for a a fucked up bulldog bully mix
    • Osteoporosis do not get the money they claim they get for them
  • I strongly believe that a lot of these bully breeders are breeding deformed dogs I showed up to a breeders house I won't say the name and he had several pups with short tails and told me four of the pup were born with cleft pallets and had to be put down so yes I beleive the pockets are actually a defomed gene being bred over and over sad to say
  • Why are people breeding dogs which cannot walk, breed, play, breathe or live normally? What is cool about blown out elbows and shoulders? I guess I don't know what the object is?
  • North county use to have a good program. These frogs that he is breeding is just sicking!!!!
  • Yes
  • They have a price chart 


    • 3292304163?profile=originalI wouldn't pay a penny for a dog from the Toadlin kennel. How long do you think a dog like this will last?

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