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Is this normal?!

So, I have a bully who is almost 6 months old. He likes to play but he is extremely lazy about it except when he gets around other dogs. Like if I try to play tug-o-war with him he just gives up if I give him any sort of a hard time. He plays really hard though when my brothers dogs are over. And he does seem to have his moments but for the most part he would rather just lay around and chew on a toy. Is this normal. Is there any way to get him a little more interested? I use the flirt pole but it’s the same thing if he doesn’t get it right away he loses interest unless other dogs are around.

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  • This is why when you are building that prey drive in puppies you let them win. Then you build on that. But the pup has to win and learn that it will win. Once the strong prey drive has developed you can introduce the out command.  Then the dog learn when it's okay to let go or stop.

  • That can be kind of normal for some dogs. You have to make it fun for your dog. Like the tone of your voice l may help some dogs. Some dogs will not show the same interest.  But the reality is that dig is being submissive to you. But wI'll engage more with another dog because it becomes competition. If you have it it knows it can't win. It will not have the same motivation. 

  • Guys he has been doing very well with some encouragement. It is probably once, maybe twice a day he will get this jolt of energy and want to play really hard with the flirt pole. It took a few consistent days but hes really catching on.

    • So youv'e changed that tone of voice lol 

      • Actually yeah, I have been more conscious of it. Plus, I've added more fats to his diet (coconut oil) and he seems to be a lot more energetic not to mention the shiny coat.

        • Nice 

  • This breed is lazy don’t expect much out of him 

    • The thing is I wouldnt consider him lazy. Just not "aggressive" for lack of better terms. I just want to him to play hard with me like he does the dogs because I want to be able to keep him exercised and in shape without needing my bro to come over to get him moving.

      • Play fetch with a ball slowly work him into running 

        • Yeah, he does pretty well at fetch other than he doesnt always bring it back to me. It's just he acts like hes a not allowed to play hard with me. Idk I guess its something I will have to work with him on. Maybe it not his personality.

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