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Hands down one of the most consistent Studs on the Planet



What makes Venom (we call him “Chunk”) unique is his height. He’s been wicketed publicly by Judges from multiple Registries with results ranging from 12.5" to 12.8" tall. He’s extremely short, incredibly compact, with a short back and an incredibly muscular build.

Many of the Micro bulls his height or shorter lack the bone and head he carries, are very long (limousine backs), or do not have a clean bite or full tail. It’s the combination of all of these traits along with the added bonus that he carries every color Tri (Lilac, Chocolate Blue & Black) that make Louis V’s shortest son truly one of a kind.

When we say consistent.. Venom has produced with every female he’s been brought to.. Exotic, Pocket, Standard, even Classic. It doesn’t matter. He’ll stamp his look every single time: producing short, compact, boned up bulls with short backs and his signature headpi

Most Stud owners are proud to display their Stud’s best productions but many hide out some of the offspring that didn’t turn out. But Texas Size Bullies and their Customers show off each and every Venom son and daughter in the Facebook group Louis V Line’s Venom Productions | Venomline

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