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IMG_1952.JPGREARThe rear assembly is another important part of dog anatomy. It is less fragile than the front assembly because it is attached to the body by the hip sockets.This makes the rear assembly less likely to be affected by environmental and management p

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IMG_1943.JPG TOPLINE The topline is formed by the withers, back, loin and croup. This is the area from the base of the neck to the base of the tail. In most breeds, the preferred topline is level, meaning that this area should be flat and strong. Level does not

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What defines a true breeder?

3284295639?profile=originalConsider that this is a decision that will be with you for the next dozen or more years. Choose wisely. Not all breeders are created equal, and neither are the puppies they produce. Keep in mind that, by definition, anyone who owns a female dog at th

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Muscle dog competition (Updated)

434104?profile=originalLets see who have the most muscular dog post up your pics if you think your dog got that bad ass muscle

Winner get $50 each most ,male and female then the overall most muscular gets $100 plus a certificate,post photos in the photo section and label t

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