• It's hysterical people still debate this, Maigi's been dead. The only people dumb enough to believe he's actually around are either brand new, or in denial because they were sold a dream and overpaid for subpar dogs. He's got kids and grandkids that are already dead.. My favorite is when they try to come out with "new video" that looks like it was filmed by a mentally handicapped kid with a potato.  Uploading video from a Nokia phone.. C'mon.  Miagi is as alive as the tooth fairy and the Easter Bunny.  No shade, personally couldn't care less.. but let's stop debating this.

    • This is old 2014 to be exact lol
      • You're right.. I just saw the date, but people are still debating this nonsense in forums today. I just saw a bootleg video the other day

        • Alol
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  • Just came from Jorge's mansion last month, Miagi is alive and well.

  • We had some classic topics lol
  • wow either he's telling the truth or he's mad at something

  • I seen Saddam. At that show to i thought he was a bulldog
  • There only two thing on here. I personally seen with my own eyes. Ive seen Saddam in person at the south jersey show he was hyper ventilating sitting down lmao so I doubt he can even walk boy looked sad. I seen white sox national has a nice head piece but nothing like his photos and he wasn't even that short and had weak bones and body. Miagi being dead that's a first one. I would like to see a video of him with a up to date new paper
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