You might have to go back and watch it again. There was another dog in the race. But Paul was so game he left the other pup.

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  • Man he took off like a rocket <img src='' />
    • He has a lot of drive. He moves fast for a pup. I wonder how fast will he be later...LOL There was another pup in the race. If you blinked you missed the other pup. I was there and had to go back and watch it more than once to see the other pup. I knew the race wasn't close, but I hadn't realized how far ahead that he was in that race. Next year that other pup might be faster. Plus there will be more competition. It is likely that there will be several heats and about 5 to 6 dogs per heat before the championship round. I'm looking forward to it. These dogs like to chase so it will be fun for the dogs and good exercise. These high energy dogs you got give them s lot of exercise or work to keep them happy.

      • He is so young and already knows what he's doing that is awesome bro
        • Thanks, I have to give credit to the breeder Pam of MQH Patterdale. They have a awesome program. Not only do they do conformation they actually hunt and do some performance trials with their dogs. They breed quarter horse too.

          I did a little training. But it is in him to work. He was exposed to hurdles in a fun day about three weeks before the trials. He ran with older dogs to let him learn from them. I had him going over a jump the day after we got him. I didn't have him doing that a lot. It was only that one day and maybe three or four times. He might choose to jump it when he was playing. I keep jumping to a minimum until they reach a certain age. That's for all if my digs. You want to make sure the bones and joints are fully developed.
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