MQH Paul of EGP Learning to Hunt

This is MQH Paul first squirrel. He is definitely game. He is only 4 months old. We plan to take him to some trials next month. We will do some earth dog, flat racing, and hurdle racing. We might even try the barn hunt if I think he is ready to try to find a rat no matter where it is. No matter what i I think he will have fun. If he was older i would put him in the Muskrat Racing. It’s wet, it’s wild, it’s Saturday Night Lights at Purina Farms! It’s another chance for your dog to compete in an event seldom seen at terrier trials anymore – Muskrat Racing. The pool is 18 X 50, heated, filtered, with an exit ramp at one end. This is a new competition area at Purina which also includes permanent seating, an Astro-turf field and lights!

The dogs chase the lure over the ground into a pool. The dogs have to swim across then continue to chase the lure. It is all done at night under the lights. I plan to watch it even though he is not old enough to compete. The dog has to be at least a year old to compete in that. I don't know why there is an age restriction. But maybe next year we can try that too.

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