MQH Paul of EGP Lure Course

MHQ Paul of EGP ran pretty fast for a 5 month old pup. This was at Mo Earth Day Memorial Day weekend Trials. There was no division for pups under 6 moths. After I mentioned that I wanted to let him try it but he was too young they operators of the lure coursing said he could do a Fun Run he just could'nt enter the competition. I agreed to give it a try. They charged me the same amount they charge for competing But i wanted to see how he would do. I think he did well. He posted a time of 12.xx seconds. I'm not sure, but that time might have been fast enough for him to earn a ribbon for dogs his size. They go by age and size. Not bad for a pup IMO. The fastest time over the entire weekend was 9.75 seconds. There was a special ribbon for the fastest dog of the weekend of any size and age.

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