MQH Paul of EGP took 1st place for Terrier's Flat Racing for pups 4-6 months. He also competed in the Terrier's Hurdle Racing and took 1st Place. Congratulations on his first real race.

Next he's is going to attempt the Go To Ground Trials. In this event he has to go under ground. Then he has to find the quarry. He has to work the quarry for 30 seconds. This is new to him. He has never done this. Hopefully he will do well. He has no problem going into the dark. That is the biggest problem for most novice dogs and pups.

He will also do some conformation. They didn't have a class for him. They are going to allow him to enter against much older dogs. That give them an advantage. But we are there to have fun so it doesn't matter. The money raised will go to a good charity.

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  • Congrats to you and your puppy
    • Thanks. He did more things today. He finished the go to the ground course. I don't know his time. But early on he was one of two puppies that actually completed the course. I don't know how many came after us. I do know some didn't complete it.

      He placed second in conformation. That's good to me especially since he was the only puppy competing against dogs that were older up to a year.
  • Nice
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