MQH Paul of EGP Terrier Racing

Paul is learning to compete in Terrier Racing. he did fine for his first time. He had no problems putting on a muzzle. He was distracted by wearing the muzzle a little. he had no issues with the opening of the gate on the cage. That does get some inexperienced dogs. He was a little slow getting out of the cage to begin the race. But once the lure got his attention he was after it.

He even did some go to the ground for hunting. he ding great in going into the dark tunnel. He follow the entire course on his on. He did this without a rat being at the other end. He has no fear of the dark which is usually the hard part. Now I just have to train him to go into the ground for some prey.

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  • Lol I thought that was a rabbit
  • He caught on fast
    • Thanks. He did fine for a pup. Later he ram against adults. I didn't get video of it. Next month he'll go against pups his age. I'm happy he was game and looking like he was having fun.
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