Need help with ABkc paper work

I own a female that is UKC registered under my name and still registered under someone elses name through the ABKC. Is there anyway I can get ABKC on her with some kind of proof of ownership ? I lost her ABKC and never got the chance to send it off.

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  • You can use the ukc papers to register her under ur name 

    • Even though she is aready abkc registered ?

      • Oh just call them up and tell them the situation I had a friend that did that with a whole litter that was under someone else’s name and he explained the situation and they gave him the paper work and I own one of the pups 

        • I called and tthey wont do anything unless he calls. I talked to him on the phone and he is trying to beat around the bush even offered him some money and never heard nothing back.

          • Well just use the ukc papers it’s just as good as abkc 

        • Thanks , ive been trying to vall them but my schedule doesnt ring up on their end l. Sent them an email a week ago and havent heard nothing back yet.

          • U may can single reg with abkc using the ukc papers. 

            • She is already abkc registered under someone elses name


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