I recently purchased a pup from a breeder here in Houston. At the time he told me due to the COVID situation UKC was backed up on sending paperwork. That didn't sound strange to me as I had just bought another pup from a different breeder and it was the same scenario. Only difference is she sent me the paperwork about a month after I bought the pup. This other guy is giving me the runaround week after week. At this point I don't want to deal with him. Are their any options on acquiring paperwork for my pup?

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  • Contact UKC and ask them , after giving the name and any info you have they can help.

  • Here

    UKC announces additional Information Regarding the American Bully Breed
    UNITED KENNEL CLUB, INC. News ReleaseUnited Kennel Club Announces Additional Information Regarding the American Bully Breed For more information, con…
  • Yes if it's registered as a pitbull with Ukc you can have them register it as an American bully you will have to send pics tho

    • This might help you

      Single Registration Requirements : American Bully | United Kennel Club (UKC)
      For a dog that is not already registered with UKC and whose parents are not both UKC registered, UKC offers Single Registration.
    • I don't have any paperwork on my pup right now. The breeder has not sent it to me and at this point I don't think he will. 

      • If you click on the link above that Derreck posted you will see the info there I don't think u will need papers just photos of the dog.

        • Thank you both for the information. I will try this avenue. It sucks because I thought this guy was legit. He actually has some great looking dogs, and a nice setup for his kennel. 

          • Ok well I hope you get through 

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