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R.I.P Grch Worldstarr

Its with the most heavy heart i write Rest in peace to my son Grand Champion Worldstarr. Im lost for words as we just lost a big part of our life today. With a quick allergic reaction to something his air way closed and we rushed him to the vet and tried everything possible to save him... i feel like i let my son down.... its gonna be hard to bounce back from this one, we have never ever lost any of our animals. R.I.P my son the American bully breed lost a valuable piece today.....If you have locked in Worldstarr Invox Tone Roldan on FB

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  • Sorry for your lost guys....Hope you guys are doing ok...Rip...
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  • My condolences bro. My dog died the same
    Way. I think it might if been a bee bite to
    Somewhere in the face area. My dog also allergic to something died because he suffocated .
  • So sad news! Rest In Peace Worldstarr!
  • Another dead Dax descendant. Didn't another Dax descendant die a year or two ago from a supposed snake bite? Either these dogs have some hidden health problems, or Dax was cursed with some really bad voodoo.

    • Some things is just accidents and some are just unlucky. But clearly there is some health issues in American bully such as hearth murmur that can be prevented by testing your breeding stock. But far to few does these tests because they are afraid they would loose many of their great looking dogs if they just breed with healthy dogs. And loosing dogs for breeding is losing money...
    • One died a few months ago
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