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skin problem with my

hi everyone,


I have problem with skin of my bully, he has some pimples on his body he has also lost some hairs on his stomach, elbows. I have visited two vets and one dermatology specialist in Milan but they all said he should take some antibiotics or even steroids and later maybe cytopoint or apoquel....but after they've heard he is not itching, scratching etc they told me to observe him. I'm washing him every second day in Duoxo Pyo shampoo. Trying not to give him as much medicines like steroids...hard to say is that an allergy because he is not scratching...he did scratch maybe 6 monhts ago when he was on acana puppy junior, since then I have changed his food on royal canin hypoallergenic dr21 and it all stops. Maybe someone of you guys could advice me something. All his family do not have any problems with skin...He is 11 months old



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  • Try Biotin for his coat. Should help!!!

    • Ha something new I learnt al give this a try myself 

    • thanks I will try it ;)

  • Allergies I would put him on raw gradually 

    • thanks I think I will do that

  • Something he isn’t agreeing with is causing the breakout could be the food could be a fabric he’s rubbing on but most likely it’s what he’s putting into his body most vets won’t really tell u the truth they’ll try to sell u as much product as they can knowing what’s the cause of it 

    • this is what I was afraid of thats why I stopped giving him steroids, what food would you recommend Derreck? if it is allergy why he is no scratching....with this vets it's exactly like with a doctorsn selling you nothing but bullshit just to get profits. 

      • I feed my dogs taste of the wild and raw leg quarters I have no skin issues 

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