skin problem with my

hi everyone,


I have problem with skin of my bully, he has some pimples on his body he has also lost some hairs on his stomach, elbows. I have visited two vets and one dermatology specialist in Milan but they all said he should take some antibiotics or even steroids and later maybe cytopoint or apoquel....but after they've heard he is not itching, scratching etc they told me to observe him. I'm washing him every second day in Duoxo Pyo shampoo. Trying not to give him as much medicines like steroids...hard to say is that an allergy because he is not scratching...he did scratch maybe 6 monhts ago when he was on acana puppy junior, since then I have changed his food on royal canin hypoallergenic dr21 and it all stops. Maybe someone of you guys could advice me something. All his family do not have any problems with skin...He is 11 months old



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  • My pup is 11 months... hes alergic to chicken...and all kinds of foods ... finally bought dog food from sams fish dryfood and Rawwble dry freeze topper beef flavor to mix in and bumps went away... more than likely food allergy

  • Have you tried putting coconut oil in his food, that helps coat skin and diegeston system, also try some Benadryl for the allergies

    • yes but he puked after one spoon added to his meal, I will try benadryl next time because he is going back to normal after antibiotics and linen oil, thanks ;)


  • This my sound crazy I'm a old school bullie person I have bread bullies and dealt with all types of different types of skin conditions Demodex hotspots mange  try some Ivan Maxson from the feed store or you can purchase on line for less  this will get rid of any parasites in the skin conditions after about 2 or 3 weeks give them a very small dosage for three weeks strict  I have given this to all my dogs and no harm has come to them.

    • Ivan Maxon??what is it?

    • Good info 

  • Try Biotin for his coat. Should help!!!

    • I will thanks for advice

    • Ha something new I learnt al give this a try myself 

    • thanks I will try it ;)

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