When last did anyone saw Bullseye ,or a video of him since the purchase,am not saying he is dead but these breeders today are a bunch of scam artist they will make up any lie to keep cash flowing in their pockets.

So my theory is Bullseye may have passed away  and in order to keep money coming in is to act like someone bought him from another country so that when asked to see him  because he maybe dead the owner can say I sold him and he is in another country.

I maybe wrong I could be wrong but I think am right lol ,if Bullseye is alive can the current owner post a video saying the date of the video with bullseye in it ,because I don't belive in 1.5 million years anyone would pay that amount of money unless its in a different currency that the value of $5 is worth 1.5 million dollars over there.

How did Bullseye owner at the time of purchase received 1.5 million dollars ,sure wasn't a wire transfer ,western union for sure didn't allow that,so let me take a wild guess the Mexican mafia's brought it to his house ..

So i came to this conclusion Bullseye is either dead or  they want to raise his stud fee and or possibly get out of the debt of having to return stud fees to the people who bought semen ...

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  • I think you nailed hit homie..I have a grandson of him and my breeder Mike woods told me he's dead that's why you don't see him anymore.and your right all the peeps will get fucked out of there money. They may say it's bullseye but it won't be and do a DNA on it .soo you nailed it far as I'm concerned.
  • Damn it's history on this forum
  • Did they find him?
  • he's definatitely passed out somewhere 

  • Is he alive ?

  • I think he was sold in pesos. So that's about $70,000.

  • Have em send a pic with a newspaper
    • Funny shit
  • I heard he was a Shortybull but wuts spose to be so great about this dog. Not trynna bash him but like a real question...wuts all the big fuss about? I mean he's a nice dog but I don't see anything so special or jaw dropping about him
    • If he was a Shorty Bull he was a bad one...

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