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IMG_20170407_091803.jpgIt's coming East coast!!!! The War of the Exotics IBR show is this month in NC!!!!...come see the baddest bullies in the world all under one roof!!!...Cali, Texas, NY, Puerto Rico, Mexico, China, Europe & many more have booked flights!!!!!...East coast are you ready for war???...Who is ready to show that their dogs can stack with the best in the world all under one roof in Concord, NC on April 29th????!!!...the heavy hitters are coming out to play...& the big spenders are coming out to spend!!!! never know what big name dog will show up when it's time for WAR!!!...BUT U GOTTA BE THERE TO SEE IT!!!...HOPE TO SEE U THERE!!!...O yeah BTW...War With The Gods Vol 3 WILL BE RELEASED @ THE SHOW!!!!

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  • War of the exotics? What are they gonna do? Blow hot breath on the enemy so they die of heatstroke?

  • Gay
  • Lets drop a moab there on that date lmao
    War of The Exotics
    CONTACT Joseph 336-210-3402 Jorge Soto 909-543-8968 Who’s ready for the biggest show on the east coast*** WAR OF THE EXOTIC *** this is what the bull…
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