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I have my Bully "Leo " 9 months old. I have stressed for a long time with the right type of Dog food for him. I started with Canidae... he hated it and I paid over $40.00 for a 20lb bag. I didn't try Blue Buff , or other expensive dog foods because my money does not stretch that far. I do feed him Purina " Beneful" and he's eating it, but now seems like he's getting bored. From time to time I dump a can of White chicken meat and mix it with his dog food. I would see him gain weight then loose a little once he gets bored with the food. I feed hime twice a day about (3) CUPS FULL. I want to get him food with flavor at the same time good for him. here are a few I thought about trying.



Purina Pro Plan

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  • I did my research and the best dog food in my opinion is VICTOR . I pay $35 for a bag of 30lbs.

    If you compare the ingredients to Blue Buffalo and or Taste of the Wild $55-$60 bags you get better quality ingredients for half the price. grain free, full of great ingredients wich include SEL-PLEX a unique ingredient only found in VICTOR food.

    I recommend you do some research and read up on this food.

    I feed my dog VICTOR with bonemeal from my local butcher shop, dyne, olive oil, fish oil and raw eggs with shell.

    I specifically feed my dog the VICTOR ULTRA PRO 38 . 38% protein high on calories per cup. If you feel like you need more protein and calories you can purchase the VICTOR ULTRA PRO 42.

    To my knowledge you can't get a better quality food for that price. I've compared it to (maximum bully) blue, taste of the wild. Evo.
  • I wouldn't feed a dog sportmix. it is not a good food for the dog. I've heard some dogs putting on weight with it, but looking at the it is not recommended because of the ingredients.

    Diamond is good depending on which version you choose. The grain free is awesome. Next Diamond Natural is good.

    I have used Purina Pro Plan before. A dog of mines had an allergic reaction to it. So I stopped using it. It has a lot of grains like corn and or wheat.

    Of your choices I would choose Diamond Natural. If you can feed raw that would be much better! You then would have to choose between the Predator"s Model or BARF. You can google them to learn what to do.

    • I've been using the Diamond Grain Free Chicken and Sweet Potato and my dogs love it.  I throw some Dyne on it every once in a while.

  • Victor is a good pet food, I use the Active dog an puppy grain free
    • I agree
  • Ive been feeding canidae because it's a super premium where diamond is merely a premium and my dogs are bigger and healthier and have more beautiful coats than there siblings from the same litter do that feed diamond if you could find a flavor they like im absolutely sold on canidae its expensive but my vet bills arent
  • Hi, 

    You could try Inukshuk 32/32. It will build and keep weight on and will require less feeding without can give me a call to find it close to you...1-800-561-0072

  • I use this stuff called WHOLE EARTH, it's all natural small breed food they have different age groups and areas they help in like joint releif etc. I buy a 30 LB bag of the puppy type, as well as buying the wet can form that matches the bag. It is high in crude protein, but you cannot stop there just because they love it. Alot of the times the food is low calorie and if your dog is active as it should be it may find itsef eating more and more, so if you buy DYNE and mix it all together (Dry food about a cup, half the can of wet whole earth, drizzle around the bowl with the DYNE, your Puppy is gonna stock up and keep him active he will gain all the correct muscle it needs. I have never seen my dogs turn down this at all in the five months I have had my girl and the 2 months for my boy. If you feel like they're bored give them boiled chicken, meatballs, etc. Fatty foods with high calories and lots of carbs. Alot of people complain about having the wet shit, but it works for me, they do there thing outside, and that is fine with me. Best thing for a shiny coat is hard boiled eggs im telling you my girl has the BEST coat

  • Of the 3 you listed I sued to use Diamond, bu they have 2 brands. The premium one is better. But I changed it because one or more of my dog's stool was not firm. I used pro plan for a while, but one of my dogs was allergic to something in it.

    I like Taste of the Wild too as someone mentioned. But it became hard to find near me because of some recall. I love raw, the Pedator Model, but I understand that most can't afford this.

    One other brand I like  and my dog's have done well on it is Native. I mostly used Native 4. They have 4 level of it. Native 4 is for performance dogs (dogs that are showing, sports, trials) Basically for dogs that do a lot of work or the the extreme athlete dogs. The drawback to it is that it is not available everywhere. It is normally in a specialty type store. You can look on their website to see where is the closet location nearest you that carry it.

    Try using:

    They have a list of reviews on different many dog foods. They rate them. They don't have any personal interest in promoting one brand over another. I tried to stick with brands that had 4 or 5 stars out of 5 stars.

    • Thanks... good info. I think I will try diamond premium like you mentioned. I used it years ago on a male I had and he did pretty well on it. Diamond is a good brand and I can say that its reliable kinda hard to get it in my area. My two males are doing pretty good on beneful. So I will stick to that for right now.
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