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Unapologetic owner gloats after post of absolute train wreck after video garners views.


The owner actually is dumb enough to believe this type of promotion is good..  A little bit of controversy in an article is a good thing, take 1 million for Mr. Beans  as an example, it gets people talking.  The videos posted by Gilbert have been so bad they have prompted outrage from both bully AND exotic bully enthusiasts, many calling for animal abuse charges.


Special thanks to for the video, as the others have since been removed.

We’re going to give it to our readers straight and uncut. This is absolutely terrible, one of the worst dogs we have ever seen.

I almost feel bad saying that.. We do not ever like to bash a dog, when it’s the owners fault. 

But no self respecting dogman or woman would ever, in ANY TYPE of bully breed, class or registry think this is OK. This dog is destined to a short life filled with joint pain and several other issues.  

This dog will have no quality of life.. for what? So the owner could make a few bucks? There are breeders making much more money with better stock and have healthy, happy dogs.  

This post is a great example of what is wrong in the bully community. The first few commenters ACTUALLY THOUGHT this was a badass dog! That’s how fucking clueless a lot of these “breeders” and newer bully fans are. They think a high rear, roach back, underbite, missing tail, standing on some goddamn scuba flippers is “fire” if the dog has BONE. Most bulldogs have bone, it’s not that difficult!

But this is an absolute disaster. Anyone thinking this dog is “fire” should quit now. I can guarantee you add this bullshit into your program you’ll be gone in 2 years with some extremely pissed off customers. The owner of the original dog posted has now started a "toilet paper challenge" where deformed poor excuses for exotic bullys show off their plethora of issues next to a roll of toilet paper.  A toilet paper challenge.. displaying pure shit. You can't make this stuff up.

Stop adding this shit into the gene pool. It pisses good breeders off knowing that you’re adding these defects into a breed they love and care about. The bully community is getting wiser, the more they learn about what makes real American Bullies & exotics   For fucks sake, if you want an exotic bully awesome- but do some fucking homework and learn the difference between breeding stock, a dog that needs to be pet homed (not bred) and then whatever the hell category this thing falls into.  

We are all for “extremely bully” dogs, we cover all registries and events from EVERY American Bully & exotic bully registry, so this isn’t a response from from someone against exotics! We just featured 4 in the last Issue in the “Top 15 Most Sought After Studs of 2017” and they are badass dogs. We like well bred exotics, we like show dogs in every class, we love all bully breeds in all shapes and sizes!   But this is terrible.. and the fact that some idiots think this is “fire,” shows that we still have a lot of work to do in educating the public.

As more and more overseas buyers learn the difference between an exotic bully worth several thousand and these types of money grab opportunities from unscrupulous breeders who obviously do not care about their dogs, we are seeing much fewer overseas buyers being taken advantage of.

Overseas buyers in China, Japan, Korea, Brazil and the other countries that are investing good money to import the best American Bullies & exotic bullies are not dumb. They didn’t acquire their wealth being foolish.

They may be fooled once in an attempt to trust a new relationship in the states, being excited to get into the bully game.. but you can bet your bottom dollar they won’t be fooled twice. So while dogs like the trainwreck above may still have a market overseas, the “American dream” for so many of these breeders praying on uneducated buyers is coming to an end.

Overseas buyers are beginning to educate themselves, learning how to spot photoshop & all of the false advertisement rampant in the exotic bully world. The smarter overseas kennels are beginning to forge new relationships with contacts in the U.S. that are upfront, operate with integrity, have better stock (dogs), understand the importance of a lasting business relationship- that benefits both sides.

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